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2/12/20222 min read

Die Milch are gothic dolls that want to make people happy through music. Their website offers the following narrative of the bands' concept.
A country in medieval Europe. Nieya, a girl who closed her heart due to the death of her parents, was only forgiving the doll "Coco" given by her father. Coco is a mysterious doll created by a magician. For a period of time, she was allowed to sing in the form of a human being. She gathered with dolls that were also made for the sake of human happiness, played sounds, and the harmony quickly became popular and reached the ears of the emperor of the time. ..... In 2012, over time, the seal was broken again, and the dolls started to move.

あなたのいない世界 ~A world without you~



Life in the Kawaii lane

Fear - Milk Tea Day LONDON

Die Milch began as a Gothic Lolita twosome, releasing their debut album "Metronom" in March 2012, and from that, the first single "Mama" followed in Summer 2013. Their European debut was in London at the "Milk Tea Day UK" on Sunday 8 December 2013.
Their sound has been described as delicate vocals and dynamic violin solos over a baroque-inspired rock and electronic beats/sampling background.

Fortunately, I was able to have translated these two quotes from their website.

"POP based on Gothic classic, electro, sometimes cute dolls who sometimes play violently. A mysterious view of the world invites you."

"Die Milch, who both learned classical music from an early age and expressed the world view with songs and performances that used the technique abundantly. It goes very well with Lolita fashion, which also has its roots in medieval European culture. I like what I like all the time; I like beautiful things. As long as that feeling continues, Milch's music will resonate. I like laughter as much as beautiful things." -

Die Milch released a 2nd Album, "Imperial," in 2015, then a 3rd Album, "Sinfonia," in 2018.
Sinfonia was created with some collaboration with Rose Noire and the addition of Will Pampelmuse on violin.
At first, joining in at some live events, Will officially made it a trio before the recording of "Sinfonia," where he made his recording debut with the group.

Die Milch's live appearances are a unique collection of events. Before reading more about the group, I'd never heard of most of them, such as the "French music Day" and "Vietnam festival," where they performed in 2013.
In 2015 they appeared at festivals in Prague, the "Bodhi Tree festival," in England at "Austin & the Abbey," and another one in Paris, "Kawaii cafe live."
They performed at "Hyper Japan" in Greenwich, London, on 10th–12th July 2015. the only event I've heard of before, thanks to Fuki of Unlucky Morpheus.

☆Die Milch Member's Twitter ☆
Coco ♫ vocal, Piano, Compose, Lyric: https://twitter.com/die_milch

Will ♫ violin: https://twitter.com/Will_Pampelmuse?s=09

Robin ♫ violin: https://twitter.com/vitula_midori

Butuko ♫ https://twitter.com/KAMIJO__

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