HARU (晴琉) is the bassist and false chord vocalist of BRIDEAR.
Her birthday is February 15, which makes her an Aquarius. Her favorite artist is Janne Da Arc. HARU enjoys variety shops, savings, fashionable things, and み(fruit)!

KIMI is the vocalist of BRIDEAR.
Her birthday comes on Boxing day, December 26, making her a Capricorn. KIMI's favorite artists are SEX MACHINEGUNS, Janne Da Arc, HELLOWEEN, IN FLAMES. KIMI likes Cats, anime, and chocolate!

The latest singles Determination & Greed!

MISAKI (美彩季) , pictured on the left, in the forefront.

MISAKI is the guitarist of BRIDEAR. She joined the band in 2018. Her favorite artists are, Blackmore's Night, My Bloody Valentine, Plastic Tree, Porno Graffitti. Things she likes are, rain, butterflies, and Dreams.

NATSUMI plays the drums!
On the drums, Natsumi joined Bridear in 2019 after being in the metal band TELECiDE. Her favorite artist is UVERworld, and she likes Sparkling wine, small birds, small animals, and sleeping.

AYUMI is the guitarist of BRIDEAR. She joined the band in 2019. Her birthday is January 16,wich makes her a Capricorn like KIMI. Her favorite artists are, Nothing's Carved In Stone, ELLEGARDEN, STRAIGHTENER, BOOM BOOM SATELLITES, Oasis, Radiohead, and MUSE.