Risky Melody!

Risky Melody, stands out as a Japanese rock band!

Comprised entirely of ladies,
and having been in the music scene since 2014.
The band is renowned for their fusion of J-rock and metal/rock genres, Risky Melody has been leaving a lasting impact on the music industry ever since their introduction.

ALICE (Vocal)
AYA (Keyboard)
Asumi (Guitar)
HaRU (Bass)
Ayae (Drums)

The new album Reflection,
available now!

Risky Melody's very impressive work, from YouTube!

【Deep Purple】「Burn」ドラム女子がフルで叩いてみた/Risky Melody(Drum Cover)

Risky Melody 『Diamonds』(Promotion Edit)

Burn/Deep Purple ガールズバンドで演奏してみた

【VAN HALEN】Eruption(Guitar Cover)19歳ギター女子 Gt.Asumiが弾いてみた

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