IronBunny’s lead singer Kotono, was one of the “Chosen Seven” potential replacements to fill in for Yuimetal when she left BabyMetal in 2018. Now the band is being (in this writer's humble opinion rather disrespectfully)hailed as the new BabyMetal. But IronBunny has it's own problems that will make it hard to gain the digital following that BabyMetal had because of the wide spread use of the name across social media. This includes a former band out of New York, artists and usernames. But it might get even harder to find much more information of the band because they announcing their disbandment on September 5, 2021.

The band's most notable feature is the costumed cyborg guitarist in it's arsenal. As the story goes, Ediee Ironbunny is a cyborg guitarist with outstanding techniques who has traveled to present day from the year 2300 where it is said to be void of the splendor of rock music. Now the rumor is that he has traveled back to the present day to restore the true glory of rock to change the future by altering the past.

Current Members
Ediee Ironbunny (Guitar / Songwriter /Original Member)
Omori Kotono (Vocals) (Joined March 28, 2019)
Minami Yamazoe (山添みなみ) (Vocals) (Joined March 28, 2019)

Former Members
Hina (Vocals) (Joined March 28, 2019, Withdrew August 3, 2020 due to health issues)