Punk rock has always been known for its rough, raw sound and rebellious attitude. But one band that has truly embraced the punk ethos is "Mutant Monster," a Japanese punk band that has been making waves in the music scene since their inception in 2008.

Mutant Monster was formed by sisters BE and MEANA. Drummer CHAD, is their former classmate. They quickly gained a reputation for their high-energy live shows and their unique blend of punk influences.
Over the years, Mutant Monster has released five full-length albums, each one showcasing the band's evolution and experimentation with their sound.

Their debut album, "FOLLOW ME," was a raw and raucous collection of punk rock anthems, with dual lead singer gruff vocals, and CHAD's frenetic drumming driving the songs forward.

Their second album, "TRUE TONE," saw the band delving into heavier, more metal-influenced sounds, with MEANA's guitar work taking center stage, "Bargain Sale" and "Kuso", are a couple of personal favorites!

ABNORMAL - [OfficialMV]

No Way! (Original)

Girl's Fight (Original)

Nekokaburi / 猫かぶり (Original)

離してあげる - [Official MV]

W between their second and third albums being monster came out with the mini album,
"Girls fight", the title track is straight fire!