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Do you crave new adventures in music? Are you looking for mind blowing experiences in metal and serious entertainment? Sounds like you need some J-Metal in you life. We make sure that you’ll get an experience you'll never forget.

Like a wandering nomad I used the internet to explore the globe in search of a new sound. The day I stumbled upon Aldious one thing was clear - I had fallen in love with more than a sound. I kept coming back every few weeks to find something new and it was then that I understood that this is a love affair for a lifetime. I'm excited to share what I’ve found and to show you this beautiful corner of the music world.

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パワーメタル!Power Metal!

#高木紗友希 #さゆべえ #ダイヤモンド



Modern J-pop has its roots in traditional Japanese music, but it's a fusion of rock, new wave, and techno-pop.
The term J-POP is an abbreviation for Japanese popular music.
J-POP is the catch-all grouping for all Japanese music, other than classical/traditional in the mind of the rest of the world.
Beyond this simplification, J-POP is much like popular music in any culture, and just as unique unto its own.
ANGERME started as S/mileage, formed by H!P(Hello Project)in 2009.
Juice=Juice, also a H!P unit, debuted on March 2, 2013.
H!P started in 1997 when their flagship group Morning Musume was formed. The Idol units they manage are well noted for their music mashup that blends genres like disco, funk, rock, and pop.


So many different terms for what is simply Japanese bands playing their interpretation of Rock & Roll. Just like most any rock band anywhere and classifying them into genres never lasts too long!
There seems to be an inherent drive to blend as many genres on an album, or even in a song, as possible, all the while still making it sound fantastic and almost effortless !


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