This all-female band from Tokyo was formed in 2009 by three former members of Destrose, (EYE, MARI, and SAKI).

They named the new band after the "Bloody Mary" cocktail.
Mary's Blood have forged a name for themselves with driving beats, soaring vocals, and skilled guitar solos. Blended into their crucible of molten metal is a taste of the 80's and the sound is red hot!

♕Mary's Blood

#4 【Mary’s Blood】4/9(土)豊洲PITに向けて「YouTubeでCOUNTDOWN!」

Mary’s Blood new self titled album
Mary's Blood – Mary's Blood
1. Last Daybreak 6. Umbrella
2. Without A Crown 7. ignite
3. Blow Up Your Fire 8. Hunger
4. Joker 9. Let Me Out
5. Be Myself 10. Mad Lady
Includes: 16-page booklet ,

8-page exclusive English lyric translation booklet

The Video above comes on the heels of their announcement in December.
Mary's Blood announced on December 16, 2021, that they would be suspending activities indefinitely after their one-man live on April 9, 2022.
While the lack of an official announcement gave me hope that this day would not come.
The writing was "on the wall" as popularity of Saki's new group Nemophila seems to be going viral!

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Musical Influences

British Musical Influences:

Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
The Sex Pistols

Japanese Musical Influences:

X Japan


Current Members
EYE- Vocal (2009-Present)
Mari - Drums (2009-Present)
Saki - Guitar (2012-Present)
Rio - Bass (2012-Present)

Former Members
Eri -Guitar (2009-2012)
Chiba- Guitar (2009-2012)
Niboshi - Bass (2009-2012)



"I really like anime, I love bands,
and all songs have respect."

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