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Ancient Myth is a female-fronted symphonic metal band from Tokyo, Japan. The band has been active since 2002 and has released several albums, including "Astrolable in Your Heart," "Akashic," "ArcheoNyx," and "Ambrosian Blood." Their music draws inspiration from various themes, and the band has received positive feedback from record labels worldwide.

A strong desire to tour

Ancient Myth is a prominent example of the Japanese metal scene, which encompasses various styles and ages of metal bands and musicians, not limited to the Kawaii Metal movement. The band's lead vocalist, Michal, is known for writing lyrics in both Japanese and English. Despite their long history in the Japanese metal music scene, the band has not yet toured outside of Japan. However, they express a desire to perform in countries like Italy and Scandinavian countries, which are known for their symphonic metal heritage. Ancient Myth's music is described as melodic and fast, characteristic of the symphonic metal genre[1][3][4][5].