Current members
Kobato Miku (小鳩ミク; Vocals, Guitar) (Original Member)
Toono Kanami (遠乃歌波; Guitar) (Original Member)
Hirose Akane (廣瀬茜; Drums) (Original Member)
MISA (Bass) (Original Member)
Atsumi Saiki (厚見彩姫; Main Vocal) (Joined August 2013)

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BAND-MAID formed in 2013 and debuted with their album "MAID IN JAPAN".

BANDMAID's unique visual premise was the brain child of originating band member Miku Kobato. It combines the pageantry experience of Japanese Maid Cafe culture and the spirit of a hard rock concert. Their first U.S. concert appearance at Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington.
❗❗In Recent News:❗❗
BANDMAID appears in the Netflix original movie “Kate” as of 2021! BANDMAID appear in their usual fashion as a band to set the mood in an underground concert, standing center stage as the main attraction. The proof is in the trailer at 1:05!

Day of the Maid-discussing the tour!

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