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Powerful and Symphonic

Cross Vein is a female-fronted melodic power metal band from Tokyo, Japan, formed in 2007.
The band's lineup has evolved over the years, with members such as Julia as the vocalist, Yoshi and Masumi on guitars, Zary and You on bass, and various other members on keyboards and drums.
They have released albums such as "Life Of Veins" in 2021[1]. The band is known for its powerful and symphonic metal sound, and they have gained a following in the power metal community, particularly for their female-fronted approach[2].

Cross Vein's music is characterized by melodic and powerful guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and a symphonic element that is a hallmark of the power metal genre[3]. The band has been associated with the power metal and symphonic power metal genres, and they have been appreciated for their contribution to the Japanese metal scene[4]. Despite their split-up status, Cross Vein's music continues to be celebrated by fans of the power metal genre[5].

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The story behind Cross Vein's name

Cross Vein, has not publicly disclosed the specific story behind their name, maybe they like to keep us guessing.
"cross vein" can refer to a geological term, which is a vein that crosses or intersects an older, larger, or more productive vein[1]. It's also worth noting that "cross" can refer to a geometrical figure consisting of two intersecting lines or bars, usually perpendicular to each other[2]. Additionally, in anatomy, the term "vein" refers to a blood vessel that carries blood towards the heart. For example, the cephalic vein is a superficial vein of the upper limb that runs up to the shoulder[4]. The band may have chosen the name for its geological, geometrical, or anatomical connotations, but without an official statement from the band, the specific reason remains unknown.