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Visual Kei & Baroque/gothic power metal!

Angels' Temptation - 天使の誘惑

I'm so excited it's here! The new album!
Angels' TemptationSERAPH〜生命の軌跡〜

While there seemed to be an endless supply of Visual Kei bands from Japan, in the subgenre of Gothic metal, Angel's Temptation is absolutely stunning. MIRAI's Vocals are hypnotic. To say that he transitions into falsetto would be inaccurate. Instead, he flows into falsetto which sounds completely natural while he's doing it. Just as engaging as the vocals, which are out, front, and the center of attention. The Background atmosphere created with Shion's keyboard expertise is; an angelic choir, a baroque&creepy harpsichord, and the emotionally stirring. Piano. That seems to put a lump in your throat. All in perfect. Flow with the mood of the song. Hideki's guitar skill is absolutely incredible, as demonstrated in this video. I've never seen anybody sweep pic like that. I'm so impressed with his abilities, and I love that he's playing an Ibanez

"HOLY WORLD"Angels' Temptation - Gt.Hideki

Angels' Temptation's other guitarist is YURI. The traditional-looking Sunburst "Stratocaster" he's keeping rhythm on is an ESP model. And he certainly does an outstanding job on it. I, unfortunately, haven't found a video of YURI yet. Fortunately, there are some long breaks where we hear Rio on base quite clearly. She is a spectacular player and an absolute joy to listen to. Rounding out the rest of the band, the drummer, YU, does a dazzling job keeping pace for the band, which is quite the undertaking, certainly not for the faint of heart. It must be challenging and satisfying to play in such a fantastic group of musicians. And the musicianship. It is in a class by itself. Hearing guitars played so well and so fast. I feel spoiled by discovering this band, like I'm hearing music better than I may deserve! When it comes to the Visual Kei aspect of this venture, Angels Temptation fully embraces visual Kei with costumes and make-up that are Baroque and gothic and unforgettably classy; every detail is taken to the extreme.


MIRAI -Vocal
Hideki - Guitar
YURI - Guitar
Shion - Keyboard
Rio - Bass
YU - Drums


天使の歌-Angel song

堕天使-Fallen Angel