Finally, there is alternative Idol J pop. Alternative Idol J pop is a style of J pop that is characterized by its more experimental, avant-garde, and unconventional sound. This subgenre often features unconventional instrumentation, such as electronic music, and often experiments with unconventional song structures and arrangements. Alternative Idol J pop is often seen as a more experimental and artistic form of J pop, and is often aimed at a more mature and sophisticated audience.

Why J-pop is sooo irresistible!

Greetings fellow music enthusiasts. Today, I would like to delve into the world of J pop, or Japanese pop music, and examine its unique qualities, influences, and how it differs from other subgenres of pop music. J pop, as the name suggests, is a form of pop music that originated in Japan in the late 1950s and 1960s.
In the 1990s, the term J-pop came to refer to all Japanese popular songs (except enka). During this period, the Japanese music industry was striving for marketing effectiveness.
Unlike Western pop music, J pop has been heavily influenced by traditional Japanese music, as well as American and European pop music. As a result, J pop has a distinct sound that is a fusion of these diverse influences, with a heavy emphasis on melody, harmony, and rhythm. One of the key differences between J pop and Western pop music is the use of synthesizers, electronic music, and other advanced technology. J pop is known for its innovative use of electronic instruments, which creates a unique sound that is both futuristic and nostalgic. This is a stark contrast to the more organic sounds of Western pop music, which often rely on live instruments such as guitars, drums, and pianos.
Another notable difference between J pop and Western pop music is the use of lyrics. While Western pop music often relies on catchy hooks and upbeat melodies, J pop often places a greater emphasis on the lyrics and the message being conveyed. Many J pop songs deal with themes of love, friendship, and personal growth, and often convey a positive, optimistic outlook on life. J pop is also known for its dynamic and energetic live performances, which often feature elaborate choreography and visually stunning stage costumes. This is a sharp contrast to Western pop concerts, which often feature the artist simply singing and playing an instrument. J pop artists are known for their high energy, dynamic stage presence, and their ability to engage the audience with their performances.

Ayumi Hamasaki / M

Driver's High

One subgenre of J pop that is often mentioned in the same breath is city pop. City pop is a style of J pop that emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and is characterized by its smooth, upbeat, and sophisticated sound. City pop songs often feature smooth jazz elements, such as saxophones and electric pianos, as well as electronic music and funk influences. This subgenre was heavily influenced by American R&B, soul, and funk music, and is often considered a sophisticated form of J pop music.

Chisato Moritaka "The Stress -Stress Middle" East Version-"

Japanese '80s City Pop Playlist

[ Juice=Juice ]SEXY SEXY

Niji no Conquistador "I'm in love with you all summer"

Another subgenre of J pop that is often mentioned is idol music. Idol music is a style of J pop that is centered around young, attractive, and charismatic performers. These performers are often manufactured by talent agencies and are marketed as pop stars and role models for young people. Idol music is characterized by its catchy, upbeat, and often sexually suggestive lyrics, and is often performed by groups of young performers. This subgenre is often considered a lighter form of J pop, and is often seen as being aimed at a younger audience.

Broken By The Scream -Sayonara Birthday-

[MV] "Shinsokyoku: Gaia" -Kami Geki

In conclusion, This is only a small taste on the tip of a spoon!
J pop is a unique and dynamic form of pop music that is vastly expansive, characterized by its diverse influences, innovative use of technology, and dynamic live performances. Whether you prefer the smooth and sophisticated sound of city pop, the energetic and youthful energy of idol music, or the experimental and avant-garde sound of alternative J pop, there is a style of J pop music for everyone.


So, the next time you find yourself in the mood for some pop music, I encourage you to give J pop a listen and experience the unique sound that the "royal road" has to offer. J pop may just surprise you with its blend of traditional and modern elements, and leave you with a newfound appreciation for the diverse world of pop music.

んく♂ 『TOUCH ME』 (MV)