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The Kitagawa Rio (北川莉央) Fan Group is dedicated to celebrating the talents of Kitagawa Rio!
a J-pop singer and dancer under Hello!Project, born on March 16, 2004, in Tokyo Japan.

The Kitagawa Rio (北川莉央) Fan Group

Kitagawa Rio joined Morning Musume in 2019 as part of the 15th generation, and has quickly won over fans with her powerful vocals and impressive dance skills. As a member of one of Japan’s most popular idol groups, she has been involved in a variety of activities, including concerts, TV appearances, and photo shoots.

When “Kitario”, joined Morning Musume, she was in her last year of middle school, she graduated middle school and began high school the following April. On March 20, 2022, Kitagawa announced she graduated high school.
Later, she would become the third Morning Musume member to attend university while active in the group, after Sato Masaki and Nonaka Miki.

Her short career has been filled with challenges.
One of those being her 16th birthday fan club event, had to be canceled due to new government regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Later in 2020 her first photo book, “First time” was released.

In March of 2022. she had another fan club event for her 18th Birthday,
two shows at Katsushika Symphony Hills Mozart Hall in Tokyo!

Fortunately in the next year, 2021, her 17th birthday event went as planned.
With two shows at KT Zepp in Yokohama.

July, 2022 Was a month of health challenges for Kitario (きたりお).
Pain in her left foot proved to be a joint injury, and she was restricted to perform sitting in a chair to perform the first concert of the summer concert tour.

Later, almost at the end of the month, she and several other members of the group were diagnosed with covid
19, resulting in the cancelation of the July 30th concert,
“Hello!Project 2022 Summer CITY CIRCUIT Morning Musume ’22 CONCERT TOUR ~Never Been Better! Encore~” in Miyagi.

In this group, we aim to create a positive and supportive community for fans of Kitagawa Rio. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering her talents for the first time, this group is a place where you can connect with other fans, share your favorite moments, and stay up-to-date on all of Kitagawa Rio’s latest activities.

Fortunately. that was the last of her health challenges for some time, and she was able to perform a 19th birthday event, later in April,
and She continues to wow her audience and bring joy to her fans to this day!

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So come join us and show your love & support for KitaRio,
as she continues to grow and thrive as an artist in the world of J-pop/Idol

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