Japanese punk band ~ The Let's Go's

Formed in Tokyo in 2006, The Let's Go's consist of COCO(vocals/guitar), MANAMI(bass), and マリコ・マリコ(drums). The band came together with a shared passion for punk rock and a desire to create music that would get people moving and grooving. Their journey began in the local underground scene, where they quickly gained recognition for their high-energy performances.

In the vibrant and diverse world of Japanese music, one band is turning up the volume and making waves – The Let's Go's. This energetic punk rock group is taking the music scene by storm with their lively tunes and infectious energy. Let's dive into the world of The Let's Go's, exploring their origins, rocking sound, and the impact they've had on punk enthusiasts.

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Imagine a musical rollercoaster fueled by fast-paced guitar riffs, upbeat drumming, and catchy lyrics – that's The Let's Go's signature sound. Their music is a fusion of punk, rock, and pop influences, creating a feel-good atmosphere that appeals to audiences of all ages. Songs like "R&R Never Dies" and "Yeah Yeah Yeah" showcase their infectious spirit and love for rebellious tunes.

The Let's Go's have become a symbol of the punk rock resurgence in Japan. Their lively performances and catchy tunes have attracted a dedicated fan base not only in their home country but also internationally. The band's commitment to keeping the punk spirit alive has made them a favorite among music enthusiasts who appreciate the raw, unfiltered energy of the genre.

One of The Let's Go's strengths is their connection with fans. Whether through their energetic live shows or relatable lyrics, the band creates an inclusive environment where everyone can feel a part of the punk rock community. Their music encourages self-expression and the freedom to be who you are, embodying the true essence of punk.

The Let's Go's are a breath of fresh air in the world of punk rock, bringing infectious energy and a rebellious spirit to fans around the globe. With their catchy tunes and commitment to the punk ethos, this dynamic trio continues to inspire a new generation of music lovers. The Let's Go's are proof that punk is very much alive and well, and their journey is a testament to the enduring power of music to unite people through shared passion and unbridled enthusiasm.

In 2018, The Let's Go's celebrated their 17th anniversary with a new album, "Reboot," which featured a return to their classic punk sound. The album was well-received by fans and marked a new era for the band, who continued to tour extensively in Japan and around the world.

In 2011, The Let's Go's released their fifth album, "Makibishi Comic," which featured a more experimental sound and incorporated elements of electronica and dance music. The album was a departure from the band's earlier work but still showcased their signature high-energy sound. The band continued to evolve and experiment with their music, releasing their sixth album, "Revenge," in 2014.

【最新LIVE】恋の1234 / THE LET'S GO's


The Let's Go's have released several albums and singles throughout their career. Their discography includes:
Let's Go! With The Let's Go's-2009
I Hate The Let's Go's-2016
Heibon Cherry-2019
Kill by Pop-2022

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Final Thoughts

The Let's Go's are a Japanese punk band that has made a significant impact on the punk scene both in Japan and around the world. Known for their high-energy performances and catchy melodies, the band's music has influenced countless other artists and continues to resonate with fans of all ages.