Baby Metal - A Sad GoodBye

BabyMetal marks the end of an era with a sad farewell that's enough to bring any fan to tears.


john holeman

10/11/20213 min read

Recent News:
On August 3rd 2021 Baby Metal made this announcement on their Facebook account:


Sunday, October 10th, 2021…
Together with all 10 episodes of METAL RESISTANCE coming to a close,
the 10-year legend will be sealed from the world.

Until that seal is broken, BABYMETAL will disappear from our sight."

"Time is running out.
There is no eternity in God’s descent."

Baby Metal’s website claims the band will end their 10th anniversary plans on Oct. 10 before embarking on their “Stairway to Living Legend.”


Yui-Metal = Yui Mizuno (水野 由結, Mizuno Yui)

Moa-Metal = Moa Kikuchi (菊地 最愛, Kikuchi Moa)
Su-Metal = Suzuka Nakamoto (中元 すず香, Nakamoto Suzuka)

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Baby Metal fans from across the globe are slack jawed in disbelief at what could be the last video to drop from Baby Metal and the end of an era. At Midnight, as October 10th rolled over to October 11th 2021 a video of a new rendition of the song "The One" was posted to YouTube that began with these words.

" The 3 metal spirits that have been shinning since 2010, even if they were to leave Earth, would continue to shine forever in our hearts and across the metal galaxy.
A Legend turns into a myth which turns into a LIVING LEGEND...
What lies ahead beyond the end of the stairway to becoming a LIVING LEGEND is something only the FOX GOD knows."

The six minute video starts with a hauntingly sweet and deeply moving piano solo and a single pinprick of light that is the opening spotlight on the lone figure of SU-METAL as she begins to sing at an empty Budokan. The video is an absolute tear jerker for fans who have watched the band rise from obscurity to span the gap between cultures and continents to become a household name. Sadly absent from the video is the presence of recently departed from the group Yui-Metal who is represented at the closing of the video as the 3rd shooting star ascending into the heavens.

The video parts with what appears to be a final farewell and thank you to the fans.

"Thank you to our METAL RESISTANCE"
"Thank you to our BABY METAL"

The video then closes with the iconic band logo as it slowly fades to black and white. The logo across all social media accounts and on the bands website have all been changed to this black and white rendition of the logo.


[Verse 1]
No reason why
I can't understand it
Open your mind
We can understand it
Please let me know
If you know this is the end of the world
Let me know
If you know the truth

This is our song
This is our dream
Please take us to the land of dreams

We are the one (Moa-Metal / Su-Metal)
We're the only one
You are the one (Moa-Metal / Su-Metal)
You're the only one
We are the one (Moa-Metal / Su-Metal)
We're the only one
You are the one (Moa-Metal / Su-Metal)
You're the only one

[Verse 2]
I feel it now
The time has come for us
Believe it now
It's time to get ready
Tell me why
You know that is this the end of the world
Tell me why
You know it's the truth


[Second Chorus]
We are the one (Moa-Metal / Su-Metal)
We're the only one
You are the one (Moa-Metal / Su-Metal)
You're the only one
We are the one (Moa-Metal / Su-Metal)
We're the only one
You are the one (Moa-Metal / Su-Metal)


This rendition of the song is considered to be unfinished, and this is one fan that hopes that it is symbolic, because like all to many of their fans I'm not ready for this to be the end of their story. "Only the FOX GOD knows."