The unique chance meeting, finding this one "Hard Rock" band. This changed my trajectory and my personal opinion of PoP music.


john holeman

11/6/20211 min read


My journey into Japanese music took an unexpected twist.
I began searching YouTube, dead set on finding every female exclusive or fronted Hard Rock/Metal band that I could from Japan.
When I came across Lovendor . I found their music really enjoyable. Admittedly due to the subject matter of songs such as "Fake" and "Coward".
And the guitar work, Absolutely incredible !
One of their two lead singers in particular, was completely photogenic !
Tanaka Reina is captivating in those videos in such a way that you almost forget There's a whole band there with her!
Following her career back in time, changed the course of my exploration completely.
In the past, I viewed pop music with a certain amount of disdain. Especially here in America. It's often watered down and disappointing. And the particularly mellow stuff, I considerd a soundtrack for hell!
But J-pop caught me completely off guard so in that regard, I was more open minded to what was available as well as thoroughly overwhelmed by the amount of music and artists.
One of the fortunate benefits of Tanaka Reina's career being with Hello!Project in particular is the vast amount of video archives.
Below she explains some of Lovendor's backstory. As An A-list star of Morning Musume, and arguably my favorite one. It's my intention to do a blog about her in particular as soon as I can !