Hollow Mellow

The most delightful Gothic Lolita group I've ever seen!


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2/9/20222 min read


The Red Shoes

【Irumarin Cooking】Chopin's birthday【Doggy Cake】


Sometime later, Jill joined the group, and they became this spectacular trio.
I am instantly enchanted by anything with Jill. Fortunately for us, she's been quite prolific in the rock/ pop genre, and made recordings in various groups. Many of those are with Hollow Mellow. In September 2014, Hollow Mellow held their first performance as an official unit. Then, in December, they released their self-cover album, Reincarnation.

Bad End
~Snow White~

Iruma Rioka -3:00am(lyrics)

Iruma Rioka - Touch Your Heart(2008.10)

Hollow Mellow is a Japanese gothic Lolita band led by the fantastic singer-songwriter, Iruma Rioka, who formed this three-person band with Nemu Raven and Jill.
Iruma and Nemu began their work together as the two members of "Iruma Rioka,"

Nemu and Jill - Vivaldi Summer


In July 2015, Hollow Mellow made their US debut at Tokyo In Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma, later following their full-length album, Cinema Fantasia. They returned to the U.S. with a performance at Sabaku Con in 2016.
In 2017, Hollow Mellow released the album "Enchanted" the title track features the charismatic lolita icon, Misako Aoki, in the music video (MV).
They appeared at NekoCon (Hampton, VA) in 2019.
The MV for "The Red Shoes" premiered on YouTube in 2020, the EP of the same name was released in January of this year, about a week ago!

As you may notice in the videos above. While you hear a violin in each of them, Jill only appears in one.
From their Genesis as a trio, the group line-up has changed, and people have gone on to do other things. I'm not currently informed as to what band Nemo may be with.
The most current line-up for Hollow Mellow is as follows; Iruma Rioka (vocals), Hideki Sato (guitar, Larme Belladonna), Chado (bass), Mishka (drums)
Of course 2020, the pandemic took its toll on the activities of every band. Hollow Mellow is no exception, fortunately the Red Shoes EP was released Feb.2022. And is now available on streaming platforms, like those listed below with the social media icons.
I’m certainly looking forward to hearing more from them. I think they’re the only delightful Goth band I know of, There are many other goth bands that I like, but delightful, seems to fit Hollow Mellow!