ALTERNATIVE all female idol unit



11/12/20211 min read

Horror pop style with Hard rock/Thrash punk music !

With a name like this, You just can't be ignored. This four word phrase is so unique and unusual, yet it easily conveys a specific juxtaposition, as obviously, if you are the last in your cult, then you no longer have said cult!
The stylized text, with the anarchy symbol replacing the letter "a", and the letter "i", dotted with an x ,are the icing on the cake of this marketing genius !
With all that said, we both know none of it matters without the right music ! this would never work as the name of a mainstream pop group, the name promises something edgy. This blog post exists because I think this alt-idol unit delivers! and I hope you give them a listen !

Well I started this blog post to express my interest in this "new' group I had just discovered (YouTube algorithm). Unfortunately, they disbanded back in April of 2021, after only two years.