This is a blog about the newly formed group AILICE! Featuring information about their debut album.


john holeman

1/12/20222 min read

Sometimes it can be difficult to find all of the words you want to say about a particular band, how to explain exactly why you like them and which sounds really grab your interest.
Other times, there's not very much information. Like this band for instance, my normal "go to" sources had no information about them.
Hopefully that will change for the better in 2022! I think the band has a great sound and I know many of you will as well.
Normally there I place a product page that you can go to, which I have linked for each artist that I blog about. Instead on this one you will find 1 Link at the bottom of this page with their first album.
That's how new they are. I will try to compensate by putting more videos up. As much as is possible without slowing things down.

AILICE Is a 5 member, all girl band :
Miyu - Vocal, Sayu - Guitar, Emiri - Bass, Minaha - Drums, and Ayano - Keyboard!
The band released their first single "Marionette" on July 22nd of 2020.
With not much information available beyond a dozen or so videos, when I listen to AIlice, I
hear mostly mainstream Pop/rock much like some of the more popular Stereopony and Ganglion videos.

AILICE seem to have a very wholesome image presentation in their videos and that's as it should be. Not every band is a bunch of bad boys trying to prove how wild and crazy they are!
These are a bunch of nice young ladies doing their very best Musicianship!
It reminds me of my early teens when watching American Bandstand, The Brady Bunch. Or Happy Days everything was nice, clean, and wholesome! It was the highlight of my week watching shows like that. What really brought this comparison to light for me was the set of their music video "Dear..." Which looks like it was done in the Brady's living room almost! Their music very pleasant and at times quite charming, please give it a listen !

Ailice !

I unbox the AILICE debut album from CD Japan.



Get the Ailice debut album "Flame", to the
Right here on the link >


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