This genre is similar in concept to Metalcore ,in that IDOLCORE is a fusion of "Idol" and
"hardcore"....metal, punk, grind, etc.

For the most part, Idol groups are a group of vocalists (from 3 to 32) who sing & dance to either live music or pre-recorded music tracks. The musicians remain anonymous either way in most cases.

Just as the classification "Idol" is more definitive of the group composition, rather than the genre of music they perform, the term IDOLCORE does the same thing here, only with a false-chord vocalist included. As a sub-genre , the Title sets it's roster of performers apart from the mainstream Idol units. However there appears to be a large number of Idol units that can be both Alt-Idol and IDOLCORE or neither, as some. Idol groups just don't want to be defined by genre.

The videos below feature some of the more popular groups in IDOLCORE (there are probably hundreds) and display a large variety of styles. That's the spice of life !

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